Process Automation Services

Process automation is taking a repetitive task and using computer code to semi or fully automate the task. The chart below is an automated graph generated from Raleigh’s Open Data on pot-holes filled, generated once a week:

Automated chart of potholes filled in Raleigh per week

Benefits of Process Automation

By automating the task, you gain several benefits:

Note that this is not about using computers or machines to take people’s job. Automation greatly expands individuals capabilities. It does not take jobs away, it makes companies and units much more efficient and more productive.

Examples of Automation

Several examples of automation CRIME De-Coder has programmed:

Anything a person does on a regular basis and that can be reduced to a series of specific tasks can be automated. This may include scraping web data, automated emailing of reports, uploading data to a database, etc.

Technology to Automate

CRIME De-Coder has automated tasks in:

CRIME De-Coder has extensive experience migrating closed source scripts (SPSS, SAS, ArcGIS) to open source tools.

Do you have a task that you wish was automated? Contact the CRIME De-Coder today for a free consultation to discuss automating that process with code.